Practitioner Listings on this Website

Breathwork UK was created to help people find Breathwork practitioners, so that the wide-ranging benefits of the different stlyes of Breathwork can be enjoyed by an ever-growing audience.

We ask practitioners registering to observe the following guidelines:

  • Be as informative as possible about your training and experience. If you have graduated from a specific Breathwork school (if offering sessions of conscious connected Breathwork this should be regarded as a minimum qualification) then state that in your profile, and encourage the school to have their own listing so the public can get a fuller impression of your background.
  • If you are offering sessions of conscious connected Breathwork, and your training satisfies the professional standards laid down by the GPBA, then consider mentioning that.
  • Please use a clear well-lit photograph of yourself in your listing, matching the style and orientation of the other listings, to help maintain the visual quality of this site.
  • The trial period works by you choosing your 1, 2 or 3 year option, and providing payment details, but you will be invited to choose to opt-in for the payable period after the trial ends.
  • See this helpful instruction video for a detailed guide to creating your listing.


Special listings:

  • For schools and associations, please contact the team after registering, sending the details and website of your school for the attention of our team.
  • To claim a listing that was entered for you by the team, once you have registered and are logged in, go to the practitioners listing page, click on your photo listing, and then on Claim Listing, filling in the form fields and choosing your subscription.

We ask people seeking the services of a Breathwork practitioner to be aware of the following:

  • Breathwork is not a single discipline with a standardised training protocol, but encompasses a wide variety of styles, which yield different experiences, and training
  • Some Breathwork practitioners will have undergone training akin to psychotherapy. Others will have learned more functional methods for training breath-control. Another group will have added Breathwork practice to an allied profession such as teaching Yoga. Some will have developed skills across a whole suite of methods. If the profile does not make it clear what kind of work a practitioner does, please ask them to clarify, and ask about their training background.
  • Conscious connected Breathwork, where you may engage in a series of one-to-one sessions is generally considered to be a more deeply opening practice than some of the more functional styles of Breathwork, so it may be more appropriate to find out more about your chosen practitioner if beginning this kind of work.
  • Some schools or styles have their own associations like the British Rebirthing Society or Transformational Breath UK, and that may provide an additional reference point for guiding you towards a practitioner. Some of those associations are listed on the associations page.
  • Breathwork is not a medical practice and the professionals listed on this site are not offering diagnosis or treatment of disease.
  • If you have any concerns relating to your own health or to the safety of any practices, you should discuss these with any practitioner you decide to engage.

Any concerns?

  • Breathwork UK seeks to encourage high standards of professionalism and service among Breathwork practitioners. We do not apply strict vetting criteria to listings on this site, instead encouraging practitioners to be clear about their skills, training and experience. As a practitioner or a member of the public, if you do have any concern about a listing you see here, then please contact us via