Other Associations

IBF – International Breathwork Foundation.

The International Breathwork Foundation is a non-profit global network established in 1994, open to everyone interested in the use of Conscious Breathing and Breathwork for health, well-being and spiritual practice.


The annual Global Inspiration Conference is a week-long celebration of the breath. It is held in a different country each year, in a venue with beautiful natural surroundings.  The GIC is a wonderful opportunity to exchange views, teach, learn and receive inspiration from like-minded friends and colleagues.
At the GIC you will find workshops, lectures, social events, sharing of best practice, dancing, good food, good company and lots of fun. It’s a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth, as well as making friends and valuable connections.


BRS – British Rebirthing Society.

The BRS promotes the art of conscious breath through the practice of Rebirthing Breathwork, and supports its practitioners and members throughout the UK and worldwide

What does the BRS do?

The BRS functions as a professional body, as a place for its members to advertise their practices and as a central point for members of the public to find a rebirther for themselves. We are an active community interested in lifelong learning and teaching. We gather regularly to breathe together, share our knowledge and give support and encouragement to one another. We also act like an accrediting body with a set of standards of which all our members are trained. We provide supervision, certification, and general information and advice.


Transformational Breath

OUR MISSION The Transformational Breath Foundation UK is the professional accrediting body for Transformational Breath® in the U.K.

  • General advice about Transformational Breath®
  • Information about Facilitators near you
  • Support, training, supervision and annual re-certification of Facilitators
  • Professional trainings and workshops
  • Continuing professional development for our members.

This powerful breathwork modality, launched in 1994, has reached 6 continents and thousands of Certified Facilitators.