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What is breathwork?

For many, breathwork is a personal practice akin to meditation or exercise. For some it is a wellness tool used under guidance as a remedy to improve mental and physical health. For others it becomes an exploratory pathway to unravel emotional patterns and uncover clearer states of mind. It is quite possible to experience all these benefits, and breathwork practice in groups creates a particularly open trusting atmosphere of communication and connection.

‘Breathwork’ refers to a spectrum of techniques that have in common the awareness of breath, with a view to creating a different experience or perception.

Breathwork techniques vary from the virtually still and silent to the loud and highly energised. Different styles may seek to manifest different shades of experience, even where there may be a similar desired outcome.

Breathwork has no single origin or history. Some methods are known and documented from long-established practices of the East, some have been refined by modern physiological and behavioural study. Some methods reflect  patterms we instinctively move into in times of need.

Use the link below to find out more about some of the styles of breathwork that have been influential in the emergence of this popular movement.

It could be said that breathwork begins whenever we are consciously aware of our breath, and apply some effort to maintain or alter it.

In the 21st century, large numbers of people are becoming aware of the various modes of breathwork, finding the possibility to improve their experience of life and wellbeing without external or chemical intervention. States of being are always subjective, yet almost everyone experiences increased mental clarity, release of tension, greater depth of perception, ability to move toward goals more directly and more vivid sense impressions.

These practices are now taking a bigger place in the fields of therapy, stress release and personal development.